Titech is an innovative company specializing in Crypto Mining, NFT Projects and Web 3.0 technology. NFTs have quickly become the threshold of the revolution of the future and the Metaverse is filled with opportunities to create another dimension customized to your preferences. The sky's the limit!

Mining is the process that several cryptocurrencies use to verify new transactions, focusing on decentralized networks to secure the blockchains. The verification process requires specialized computers to record these transactions.

That’s where Titech comes in:

Delivering the most secured

Delivering the most secured records

Promoting decentralization
around the world

Promoting decentralization around the world

Ultimate security for your

Ultimate security for your transactions

With the birth of NFTs, Titech wanted to expand and give back to the community by creating
NFT projects with real life utility.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build a community that thrives on the evolution of Web 3.0 and position Titech as leaders in this new dimension of the internet.

Our Vision

Our vision focuses on a decentralized future where limitations by third parties have no control and the power is with the people.

After years of mining experience and the introduction of the next generation of the crypto world, Titech is ready to expand into the NFT world. Titech’s most highly anticipated project in the making is Legion X.

This project focuses on a galaxy where Panthers are on a mission to restore peace, and embark on a journey to hunt ETH energy.

X Panthers

Legion X NFT collection includes 7,070 galactic hero X Panthers with different rankings.


$Legion is an ERC-20 Token that fosters and promotes the project's healthy widespread usage and decentralization through fast, secure, and public transactions. Any trade in Legion X’s ecosystem will be through $Legion.


Holders will receive multiple token utilities, as well as real life utilities with two futuristic P2E games on their journey of becoming a galactic hero with different rankings such as Legendary, Centurion, and Raging Panthers.

10,000 Unique

X Panthers

Real Life




2 Unique

P2E Games